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Fitting and caring for your tiles

We stock a large collection of ceramic tiles and tile sets but there are times where you may need something special.

This is where we can help with our bespoke service. We can work with you to create unique custom tiles or tile sets for any needs.

The possibilities are infinite, and we can literally produce any tile you want in any colour, design or size.

  • You may have seen something on here but want it in a different colour
  • You may have a favourite design or picture that you would like reproduced on tiles
  • You may have a specific area or item for which you will require specific non standard shapes and sizes. These can include
    • Wall plaques
    • Kitchens
    • Bathrooms
    • Fireplaces
    • Coasters/trivets

If you have any specific needs, please contact us for more information


Some photos of recently supplied custom tiles with a peter pan theme for a customers fireplace. They supplied the images they wanted, and we reproduced them as a series of fireplace tiles in their chosen colour variation. Note how we have created seperate "facing" tiles for the left and right sides of the fireplace.

Tile 1 Left Tile 2 Left Tile 3 Left Tile 4 Left Tile 5 Left
Tile 1 Right Tile 2 Right Tile 3 Right Tile 4 Right Tile 5 Right