William De Morgan Diving Bird tiles


Beautiful Arts And Crafts Style Printed Decorative William De Morgan Tile Taken From An Original Design

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These printed tiles are handcrafted and can be supplied in any quantity you may need. You may purchase the tile as seen, with the options listed or if you require any adaptation (non standard sizes, change of colours etc) please contact us.

All our tiles are flat printed not Relief Moulded or Tubelined

Porcelain tiles (our most hardwearing tiles)

Fired after printing about 4 weeks lead time

    • Available in 3 (nominal *) metric sizes, 10, 15, and 20cm square x 6.5mm thick
    • Will fit with plain metric ceramic or porcelain tiles from almost any supplier of plain tiles
    • are resistant to:
      • Extreme Climates (will not crack)
      • UV-Rays (guaranteed not to fade)
      • Graffiti (can be removed)
      • Scratching (under normal conditions of use, does not scratch)
      • Wear (suitable for high traffic areas)
      • Chemicals (will not harm surface or image)
      • High temperature ( up to 1292 °F, 700 °C) TILE INFORMATION

Solid fuel ceramic tiles

Fired after printing, about 4 weeks lead time

  • Available in imperial 6 inch square (152mm ) x 7mm thick size
  • Suitable for use in cast iron inserts, hearths and fireplace chambers
  • Are heat and scratch resistant
  • Decorative ceramic tiles

Solid fuel and porcelain tiles

  • Can be fixed with any proprietary tile adhesive and grout

Solid fuel and porcelain tiles

  • Can be cleaned with any regular household bathroom/kitchen cleaner